Friday, April 7, 2017

Yet Another Nature Poem

Today I was supposed to discover something. So I remembered discovering a little nest with baby Stellar's Jays in it. They were astonishing ugly and I was amazed that something as stunning as a Stellar's Jay should have an offspring that looked like that..... but for all that, they were sort of adorable too.... And then mom dive bombed me and I left her family in peace. 


I climbed a tree and found a nest,
A little nest of twig and string
With unfledged jaybirds, loud within,
Noisy, new and ravenous.

They were ugly and undressed,
Feeble, blind, unfeathered things,
​Crying mouths, altricial skin,
Timid, weak and tremulous.

And yet I loved their ugliness,
Th​e new life​,​ bare and trembling
The ​plaintive calling​, hungry, thin​,
Fragile, fair and wondrous.

I looked at latent loveliness
The hidden flight in useless wings,
The faint first colour, coming in​:​
Blue and black and lustrous.

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