Wednesday, April 5, 2017

In which the Challenge Becomes Challenging

I don't know about you, but I have never found the Periodic Table of Elements to be poetic. (Unless, of course, one is listening to Tom Lehrer singing it to the tune of the Modern Major General) So when the Elements (as in the ones on the table, and not weather, nor water, wind, earth and fire) was given as a prompt, I was temporarily flummoxed. I did not want to be boring and go for gold or silver. Nor did I want to be goofy, and go on about the benefits of potassium and iron. So I spent a few minutes looking at the Periodic Table this morning, and came across iridium. I had no idea iridium was an element. My whole association with it is as the thing most fountain pen nibs are tipped with, if not made entirely out of. So, coming up with no better inspiration, I composed this. (And yes, I now want to purchase a new Shaeffer Tuckaway :-)


 For Purchase:
    Shaeffer Tuckaway
    Lifetime Edition:
    White Dot too.
    In good condition,
    Some slight scuffing:
    Prussian Blue.
    Fine, gold nib tipped
    With Iridium
    Nearly New.
(I Buy it, Of Course.)
    How strange the wedding
    Of the two metals
    Now at hand:
    Softest and densest
    Set to one purpose...
    I intend
    Upon good paper
    To set down poetry
    From that pen.

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