Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday in Easter Week

Today's prompt was a "memory" and I originally though I was going to write a somewhat comic poem about my lack thereof. However, my sister has been reading the Propers of the Mass for each day, since the beginning of Lent. She loves today's Gospel - Christ meeting His Apostles on the shores of Lake Tiberias, and Peter being too impatient to wait for the boat to come about, so he swims to shore. I have a soft spot for that story too, and as a result, the comic poem went to the wayside and we have this instead:

The Sea of Tiberias
Wednesday in Easter Week, 2017

I remember once before,
A morning like this,
And against the sunrise,
A Man upon the shore.
His voice on the water
Bidding, "Cast thy nets again."
And once before,
This miracle of fish,
And water at the gunnels,
As the nets tore.
I let them fall
Stunned with sudden joy
Remembering that once before.
Nor could I bide to wait,
But fast a fish, swam to meet
My Lord upon the shore


drgieser said...

You are an exceptional poet!You MUST try to get published!

Mahri said...

Thank you! I appreciate it.