Monday, April 17, 2017

I Missed a Couple Days

But not quite so many as it seems. Good Friday and Holy Saturday did not work out from a poetry point of view. I tried. I scattered pieces of verse everywhere, but nothing came together enough to make it work while. I did manage something on Easter - not the beautiful, hopeful thing I wanted, because the prompt was "system" and if there is a way to turn that into an Easter poem, I never found it. I also managed one today. Neither of them are too good. But I am posting them anyway:

Recovery System

Sorrow can only endure so long
Bitter rage burns out at last
Pain has its measure to mar or make.
And the empty soul at last must stand:
Choose to give back good for wrong,
Hunt for Hope and hold it fast,
Face itself for the soul’s own sake,
Learn to laugh, and take God’s Hand.

I don't think I really mean to call that by that title. It was merely the trigger phrase that meant that I actually had a poem to post. Today's post was "dance". One of my younger sisters loved the song Cherish. Whenever Dad would put it on, she would stop whatever she was doing, and come out to dance with him. The prompter also pointed out that it is Haiku day today. I am not a huge fan of Haiku, but I figured the form worked for this. 


When he played their song
At the first notes of “Cherish”
She came out shyly,

Small and expectant.
He swept her up in his arms,
They dance together

Daddy and daughter
In each other’s arms, singing
“Cherish is the word”…

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