Monday, April 24, 2017


Yesterday's prompt was "the last________" and we filled in the blank. I got overly ambitious, wanting to write an epic end of the world poem. It begins, "At the Ending of all Days/ And the World's unravelling" and, after few lines of an apocalyptic nature to set the scene, would go on to list all of the Sleeping Heroes who are supposed to return at the end of the world - you know, Barbarossa, and Arthur, etc - and they would all rise and stand by "The Hero King of the wine-red scars." I worked in it most of the day, and shall continue to work on it. It shall join another overly ambitious poem that I have been plugging away at for a good long while now.... so let it not be said that I got lazy yesterday. I tried to write - and, indeed, managed a good deal - but very little of it struck the right note....

Today's prompt was Faith, and being the complicated little bundle of a person that I am, I ended up writing more about hope than faith. Still, it could have been worse, I think:

The Phoenix

I lost Hope, for it was slain,
A wounded bird, pinned to a tree
That died in fire, blood and pain.

It broke the very heart of me.
Of bitterness I drank my fill.
Yet Hope is a Phoenix, so they say.

That dies in flame, and yet lives still.
To that I hold, in spite of doubt,
Or broken heart, or wavering will.

For Faith remains, though Hope goes out,
And I, in darkness, will Faithful be,
In little things, in deed and thought,

Shall hunt for the holy trinity
Of Faith and Hope and Charity.

I am ever so slightly proud of the rhyme pattern here. It is terza rima, which is what The Divine Comedy is written in. I am attempting (and not managing it too often) to do some of the challenges in a traditional poetic form. 

And on that note, I bid ye all a good night,and hope to see you in this place tomorrow.

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