Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Inevitable Piping Poem

Well, I guess waiting until day 29 to finally succumb to a piping poem, is really not too bad at all. The prompt was "metric" and the impression I got from the explanation is that anything goes, so long as it address the concept of meter in some way. So I, of course, fell off the bandwagon, and wrote about piping. We all knew it was coming:

Learning the Pipes

To be a piper you must have
The Tunes by heart, and love them well;
Must wear them, as you wear a poem,
With countless tellings, line by line.
And more than music: you must love
Their bones and shaping. You must dwell
Within the heart beat of their form,
Where song and meter intertwine.
Until you speak the dialect,
Of cuts and gracings, and can tell
The tale written in the notes,
And march their measure, line by line.


drgieser said...

You really should get published.

Mahri said...

Thanks RE. I really am trying :-)