Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Getting Back Into It

I think, perhaps, whatever was making it so difficult for me to write poetry over the last several days has finally sorted itself out, as I have managed to write something today that I like. (The last two poems I was not very pleased with.) I rather think I might have been a bit heavy-handed with it, but all in all, it feels more like the sort of poetry I like to write, and less like I am going through the paces:

Tuesday in Easter Week 2017

Life and Death stand side by side.
We occupy the space between,
Our days are rounded by their watch -
We are comrades of them both.

Nor can we from their kinship hide.
A life, well-lived, has faced its death,
Has walked in Light and suffered much,
And known the Hope that bears defeat.

For God has suffered naught to die,
Unless, from Death Life springs anew,
And every sorrow bears the touch
Of Life emerging from the tomb.

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Anonymous said...

Maria.... you are a very deep person! What a thought to ponder!