Friday, April 14, 2017


This was a difficult prompt for me, because I have a really great family. And my really great family is going through some difficult times together. There was so much I wanted to get into this poem - sitting around the kitchen table, drink coffee and conversing, they way we sort of adopt people - not just our friends, but people who seem to need a family, the way we can spend hours playing silly games like bananagrams, while listening to music. I couldn't do it, but I hope this is not too bad of an effort, thought it took far longer for this short bit of verse to come than it ought have:

We never had much
Only each other,
Wine and bread,
At family dinners,
Love and laughter,
Song and banter
Walks in all weather,
When wonder was free.
Mother and Father
Sisters and brother
Friends who were family
And Rosary together.

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Amy said...

Pfffft! That's a great poem! I very much love it.