Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dictionary Day

Yep. That's today. You didn't know such a day existed, did you? Neither did I, until today. And, having made the discovery, I figured that now is the perfect time to do my bit to to halt the sad decline of vocabulary in this degenerate age in which we find ourselves. Here, in no particular order, are 10 fine words, which are useful, colourful, or just plain fun, which deserve to have more wide-spread usage than they currently enjoy:

Yes, yes, I know, it has been a very long time since I posted. I could attempt an explanation, but the long and short of it is that I lack discipline, and these days, I when I woo the Muse, I do so in pursuit of Writing Proper Things. Only the wooing is more like a knock-down, drag-out fight, as my writing skills are pretty tenuous at present, and every words I write has to be wrested and won before I can use it. 

However, since it seems rather sad, after so long a silence, merely to present a word-list, beautifully made, though it might be, before disappearing back into the ether, I shall share some of the more memorable occurrences of the recent past:

1.) We had a very windy day a couple days ago. There were times the air was so thick with aspen leave, that it appeared to be raining gold. Aspens smell wonderful in autumn, have you noticed?

2.) The day of wind was followed by a day of rain - not a muchness of rain but a sufficiency, and I saw a very bright rainbow, shining out over the lake, as I was driving to work.

3.) I saw something very remarkable on my walk the last couple mornings. There is a bit of land at the top of a street not very far from here, that is empty of houses, but full of pine trees and grasses, and wild rose bushes. At this time of the year, the rose bushes boast bright orange leaves, and deep red, wine-scented rose-hips, but no blooms to speak of. At least, that is what one would normally expect... except that there is one small pink rose, fully blooming on one of the bushes, and a bit farther on, in another, I glimpsed the bud of another. 

4.) The geese are long calling each other these mornings. The sound of them makes me want very much to go on long rambles in the wind, and then come home and be very hobbit-like and domestic, but not terribly much like going to work. The sound also, inevitably, reminds me of this:

And on that note, I shall go off and wrestle for a few more words for my writing. I should love to assure you all that I will become religiously reliable blogger from henceforth, but you all know me better than that by now, so I shall merely say that I am hoping that is the case, and shall do my best to make it so.... but I would not hold my breath if I were you.