Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday in Passion Week

Today's prompt was a fill in the blank thing: The (blank) of Love, and we were to decided what word went in the blank, use that as the poem's title and off you go. 

I do not like love poems.... Well, I suppose that is not entirely accurate. I like Robert Burns' love poems well enough, and I fancy if I put my mind to it, there are a number of other poets whose romantic verses have moved my. But I do not like writing love poems. They are not really my thing. Indeed, any sort of highly personal writing is far out of my comfort zone. I write about things, preferably things which can be expressed mythically (if you take my meaning), things that are universal, perhaps even emotional, but in which I am never more than a passing figure. I was not excited about today's prompt, nor did I have much hope for it. But I did manage this:

The Debt of Love
(Passion Week, 2017)

You wrote Your Love against the sky
In iron, gall, and Your own red blood.
I turned and left You hanging there - 
I thought it no more than my due.

I took in stride the dying words
You wrote in pain with blood and wood.
I mouthed my thanks and walked away
And took no farther thought of You.

But in this Dark Night of the Soul,
I read those love notes, writ in blood.
I know the burden of my choice:
Too late, too little have I loved You.

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