Friday, April 28, 2017

What Poetry Contest is Complete Without a Haiku?

Well... most of them probably. And I normally don't write 'em myself. But today was a long day, involving a tedious long day of staff training, that was supposed to be fun, and was mostly just sort of vexing, and unnecessarily long for no reason. And far more interactive than I am comfortable being with anyone. 

Today's prompt was 'smell', and I did not intend to do a serious of haikus on the seasons, but I more or less had the idea for all of them before I got to the meeting (over an hour drive away) and I tinkered on them the rest of the day:

Spring smells of melting
Running water and first green
Of hope and new life.

Summer is heavy,
Incensed by sagebrush and pine.
How I long for rain.

Autumn comes, fragrant,
Aspen bitter, tang of leaves;
restless wandering.

Winter smells of frost,
Of cinnamon and Christmas,
Of comfort and joy.

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