Monday, April 10, 2017


That was the prompt today. A travel poem... The older I get, the less I like the travelling part of travelling. I like cruising well enough - a nice road trip with music and good scenery. Anything more than that - especially if it involves the humiliation of airport travel - and I just want to get to where ever I am going and never get on the plane again. This poem is about that, and the relief that comes with arriving:

Dublin 2016
Centennial of the Easter Rising

I’ve so long been travelling-
Purgatorial timelessness,
Displaced and moorless-
Through hermetical airports,
In pressure-locked cabins,
Efficient and airless,
Purposefully comfortless,
With weather only
a thing through the glass,
That this touch of wildness,
This smell of sweetness:
The sea-smell borne
on the wind, in the rain-
Cuts to the heart of me,
Quickens and blesses –
Balm to my weariness:
I am an exile, returning to home.

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