Thursday, April 27, 2017

There Is No Hiccup in This Poem

 Today the challenge was to write a poem that used at least three of the the six words in this unpromising list of words:

  • pest
  • crack
  • ramble
  • hiccup
  • wince
  • festoon
I tried my level best to get all of them in there.... but seriously, hiccup? I mean, unless one is inspired to write very humourous verse (considerably harder than it sounds) how exactly does one casually slip that word into a poem?

This is what I managed.... and it is not all that bad:

I’m not fond of spiders, though I know
Their point and purpose, and rejoice,
At their harrowing of graver pests.
It is not that I fear or loath,
The little hunters, but that their guise –
All long-leggity and shadow-fast –
Evoke a sense of great unease.

And yet, one morning, thick with frost,
When ice cracked at the touch of sun,
I rambling went in wincing cold
And saw a spiderweb strung across
Two fence-posts, wighted and festooned
With rime that glittered, silver-gold.
And for that joy, the spider blessed.

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