Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two-Thirds of the Way Through

Yep. Twenty days of prompts, eighteen poems, and ten days left to go. Not to shabby eh? Today's prompt was "task". I was hoping for something more Anglo Saxon in feel, but had to settle for mere alliteration:

Starting Over

A task I took unto myself,
At ending of an angry year
To turn from mere monotony,
And Godward set my steps, instead.
To walk the way of wondering,
To bide with Beauty, and to be glad
Of little things, alight with grace.
To hold my heart in happiness.
The moments marking mindfully,
Attending to the need of Now.
Do the good each day demands
With no thought of cost nor thole,
But hunting for Hope, to hold it fast,
While waiting on the Will of God.

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