Monday, April 13, 2015

With Apologies to Emily Dickinson

Today's prompt was "confession"...

I could, I suppose, have taken it as seriously as it was meant, and write a proper confessional poem. However, that would be quite unpleasant for me to write, and unpleasant for you to read, so in the interest of sparing us all a bunch of grief, I elected for parody instead. (I do hope that we are not given "parody" as a prompt....)

This is based off a poem by Emily Dickinson. And, let's be honest. It sort of had it coming:

I tasted cake not meant for me
From the chocolate glory, I stole a share - 
Not all the five-star bakers could
Produce a taste as I took there.

Inebriate of cocoa - me - 
And a debauchee too - 
Reeling through a chocolate haze - 
I drank her coffee too - 

And then my sister came in again - 
The desecration spied - 
"They stole it from us, my Precious!" she yells - 
I lick my fingers and hide. 

There now. 

And, no. I am not really given to scoffing down other people's chocolate cake, nor quaffing coffee that does not belong to me.


Treskie said...

Snort. You are odd.

Mary(Aliceoutofwonderland) said...

*giggles* This is hilarious! And quite well written too :) Jolly good, that.


Mahri said...

Hi Mary ~ thanks for the comment. I'm glad it was good for a laugh.