Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Yam What I Yam

Today, I am writing an "I Am" poem. How very self-centered of me :-) Predictably, I am a piper.

I am a piper,
Such is my boast.
For years on years
Have learned my way
Around the notes
And gracings sweet;
Have learned to play,
And tune, and breathe,
Held wild music
In my hands
And marching
In my feet.
Have striven hard
To claim and master
The wild privilege 
Of a piper's art
Of setting fire
To the blood,
And flaming courage
To the heart.

1 comment:

PiperoftheStrait said...

Aye and no one knows why ... a fire to the blood and courage to the heart.
And we needn't know why ... tis a calling and we just to be.