Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today's prompt was "dare". That is all. So I did:


There's nothing for it, but to go on.
   The bridges behind me are burning red.
Once was complacency, now it is gone.
   On the World's Edge, I stand alone.

There's war before me, and waste behind,
   And Cross-Road branching below my feet.
I sort through the tangle of hope in my mind.
   In the rage of the wind, I am as stone.

I'm weary with warring and long for rest,
   A quiet life on the margin of pain.
In the waste of the World, the edge of the West
   To build a camp and settle there.

But battle and blessedness lie ahead,
   With angels and heroes to fight by my side.
A sword for my hand and a halo for my head,
    If I but take the Road and dare.

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