Sunday, April 12, 2015


Today we were to write a poem about seasons. It was pointed out that haikus, as traditionally written, are nature poems and most adaptable to writing about seasons. I wish I had a softer spot for haikus, but I tend to view them as exercises - let's see just how much you can get into 17 rigid syllables - rather than proper poetry. Besides, my last haiku ended up as comic rhyme, which was fun, but not exactly what I wanted for this prompt.

This isn't exactly what I wanted for this prompt either, but it was close:

Night Snow

I woke in the night to the sound of snow,
A sound that is no sound at all;
The expectant hush of potential things
That wait upon the Will of God.

All made things are formless now,
A canvas stretched to the Artist's Will
In pale washes and shadowy inks
God sketches all His world anew.



Anonymous said...

Maria!!!! You are vunnnderful poet! Gina

Molly said...

I am starting to feel like I'm witnessing the 4th of July, with the most splendid fireworks of all time. I wish I could, in my awe, come up with something better to say than to merely choke out, "Oooh," whenever I manage to get my breath--but I have to say *something* in appreciation, and the likes of this quite take my breath away.