Thursday, April 16, 2015

Because Everything is Poetic, If You Think About It Enough

The prompt for today was science.... I am not much of a scientist, even if reading things like The Physics of Star Trek and Darwin's Black Box, give something of a different impression. I would love to write something sweeping and epic, about the vastness of the outer universe in macro dimensions, and the equally vast inner universe of microscopic space. But that is entirely outside my capabilities. Which is why this is about the best I can manage with science poetry:

A magnet always points to North.
At six it seems like sorcery
A needle to gain that property
By little rubbing back and forth.

'Science' is how the textbook read
  But so like to a magic spell
To make a needle Northward tell
And set it hanging it by a thread.

And wizardry, that water holds
A bit of metal on its skin
Magnatised, to quiver and spin
And rest - aligning to the poles.

A practical, primal, Earthly thing
Harnessed since antiquity
Yet sorcery it seemed to me
Scrying North with water and string.

1 comment:

Jack said...

I really like this one!! (I've always been under the conviction that there must be magic in science.)