Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Half Way Point

I have been doing the poetry challenge for more than two weeks now, and we are halfway through the month of April. I feel... astonished. And accomplished. And almost like I really am the wordsmith I like to style myself. Of course, about the time I start feeling too chuffed, I get a prompt that leaves me floundering for half the day - like today. The prompt was, and I quote: "pick an adjective, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem." I spent an awful lot of time discarding adjectives today, ending up with a short list of words that included brave, faithful and steadfast. I ended up writing this:


I long for martyred bravery,
The courage of the gallow-hill,
To march behind the Hero King
And make a sword-bright end to me.
But I'm not fashioned for fire and strife
And not the stuff of martyrs made, 
So I'll look for Him in tangled ways,
And dark thornwalds of a common life.
Will brave instead the paltry stings,
Show courage in kindness and forbear.
Be steadfast when I want to flee
And faithful in the smallest things.

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