Saturday, April 18, 2015

Well... That Was a Challenge

Behold the prompt:

"For today’s prompt, pick 2 vowels and write a poem using words that only contain one or both of those vowels. For instance, write a poem with words that only have a “u” and “o.” Also, the letter “y” is wild–so the words “my” and “gypsy” are freebies. And I’ll allow text-speak"

Well, I took ruthless advantage of that wildcard, and while I consider text-speak cheating a bit, I figured that '&' is permissible - And since it is shorthand for the Latin word "et" (that is to say "and") and my vowels are 'o' and 'e' - I actually am not cheating by using it. I did tweak things a bit in my favour. I used a Middle English spelling for Christ, and a Scots word for thought - those are actually words and not cheating either. Spelling pypes as I did is probably cheating. But since the old, odd words make it sound imitation-ancient, I decided to take the historically acceptable liberty of spelling words as I see fit. 

So.... here:


To God, by Rood
& Blood of Chryste,
Be offered thocht,
& goodly deed.
By words, Thy honor
So to tell.
My pen & pypes
to Thee be blest.
To Thy glory
Be them employed,
& by my sword
To serve Thee well. 


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