Monday, April 20, 2015

Trochaic Tetrameter

How's that for a mouthful? It merely means that you are getting a poem that sounds like Longfellow's Hiawatha... or possibly, The Kalevala. I know I didn't get to yesterday's poetry prompt on "authority" but I have an idea for it, and am working on it, so I think it am merely delayed and not defeated. 

Today's prompt was involved coming up with a title that followed this example "My (fill in the blank),  The (fill in the blank). I mused for a while, came up with the snooty, avant garde sounding title of  "My Memory, The Road" which is most certainly not the title that I intend to keep for this poetic effort. But it was useful for getting this:

Do you mind that night in winter
When we roamed alone together
Down the Road that rolled forever
Down amongst the fields and hillsides,
Fields of waving, silver grasses
Whispering in the silent starlight
Whispering of the Sea together?
When we sallied, cloaked and sworded
Beneath a sky of dappled starlight
A shivering sky, devoid of moonlight,
On a Road of elvish silver
On a Road that rolled forever
Ran upon the World's margin - 
Hobbits on a dark adventure,
And we braved Mount Doom together? 

Yes, there is a story behind it. No I am not going to share it. Suffice it to say that seeing The Return of the King in the theater when it first came out, had a very bracing effect on me.

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