Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hail Poetry!

Well, today is the last day of the poetry challenge. And that gif pretty much sums up my feeling for the past month. (You have no idea what of what I am speaking? For SHAME! Click here for the song :-)I feel very conflicted about it coming to an end. On one hand, I doubt I could go on writing a poem a day indefinitely - after all there were a couple days I missed this month, though I figure the days I managed two made up for this, (I a rather think I came out ahead on the whole deal - not that ever single one of them was a winner, mind. But I think I managed some keepers.) On the other hand, there was a sort of exhilaration about so much writing. I have not managed that much creative writing in.... well, I can't remember. A long time. It was fun. And challenging. And rather inspirational. I feel quite passionate about poetry. I might very well run about creation, singing along with the Pirate King. 

The prompt for our last day was on one of those fill in the blanks that seem to be so popular there. In this case, bury the something. I started with a slip of paper containing such things as: bury the bone and bury the sword... bury the fire... bury the piper.... Heaven help us if a co-worker ever comes across it! What I eventually came up with is this: 

Bury the grief, for Victory
Must always bear the weight of loss.
Do not lament the hero’s choice,
The valiant do not count the cost.
They have earned the Resurrection,
In the carrying of the Cross.

And that is that. Thank you all for reading all my poetry, and leaving encouraging remarks. I am very shy of my poetry (yes, truly) and it was not always easy for me to put these out for everyone to see, so I truly do appreciate all of you who took the time to comment. It helped.

I intend to keep up a more regular posting schedule now - not daily, obviously, but something more than the hit and miss stuff I was pulling earlier. 

And I have not forgotten the 3 tags I got earlier this year. I will get to them soon. 



Molly said...

And hail the poet as well!! Congratulations on a job smashingly done.

PiperoftheStrait said...

As many others are thinking I am sure,
Thank You Mahri, for your poems du Jour.
Poems I have more than once read,
Which have put thoughts in my head,
Of times gone by and times held high.
Twas as if, by the by, my mind you could see.
How amazingly I think . . . uncanny.
The words in your poems astound and impress me,
Uncandidly true and honest in their simplicity.
Bonnie guid work Lass you did apply,
Bonnie guid work, Oh AYE!
In closing I must say carry on carry on,
With your thoughts and your poems, carry on.

Ps I am sincere in saying that your poems are amazingly impressive, captivating and thought provoking.
I found them to be well thought out, to the point and easy for me to relate to in their message and my

Treskie said...


you are awesome to do the whole freaking challenge, *bows to your awesomeness*