Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hahahaha! I Made It!

Today's prompt was to write a nobody knows poem, and for some reason - even though I could think of quite a number of things that nobody knows (where George Washington's Wallace Oak Snuff box has gotten too, for example) I could not make a poem about any of them. I think I ended up abandoning at least 3 actual written attempts, and several more ideas that never made it to paper at all.

What I came up with is not exactly what I wanted. 

The Communion of Saints

Temptation seduced him
And sin smelled sweet.
Virtue was treacherous in that place.
In the barren wasteland of his soul,
He cried out in pain for grace.

She knelt in the shadow
Beneath the Cross
Where only God and Grace may be,
And waged her prayers for the souls of men
Who stand upon eternity

The demon was routed
And war was done.
He took hold of grace in pain, and rose.
A thorn-crowned nun in a silent room,
Saved his soul and no one knows.


Amy said...

Love it!

Mahri said...

Aw, thanks, Amy.

I liked the idea of this poem, but am not entirely satisfied with how it turned out. I think it needs a wee bit of tweaking to be as strong as it could be. But I am going to give myself at least a couple weeks before I start tinkering with the poems I wrote.