Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Absolute Honesty is Not Always the Most Diplomatic Nor the Safest Form of Communication with Emotional Beings

So I was all flippant and nonchalant about my confession prompt yesterday, and today, that has come back on me with the Twofer Tuesday prompt of an honest or dishonest poem. I could stoop to fibbing in my verse - indeed, I am quite good at speaking the absolute truth and still leading people astray. This is actually quite useful. If - God forbid - we ever find ourselves under a totalitarian government, or facing persecution, I shall be able to give truthful answers and still keep secrets. We are not a present in either of those dire predicaments, however, so I mostly use this tactic when people are getting too nosy, and I don't want to be rude and tell them so. 

However, back to poetry. I have trouble being dishonest for the sake of dishonesty, so a dishonest poem is out. Which leaves us with honesty. More's the pity. 

Speaking Candidly

I love you - 
   My sorrow it is that this is true.
   I've always wanted the best for you - 
   Done everything that I could do...
I've always been an easy touch.

I love you - 
   And always will, it's true.
   I'd still do anything for you - 
   But, candidly, I must say too
I do not like you much. 

 Here's hoping tomorrow's prompt moves away from soul searching.


Treskie said...

I like all your poems. They're quite good you know. (see what I did there?)

I like dis one lots.

Molly said...

I kind of wish I could wear this along with my name tag at work. It's just the thing. (And apart from utilitarian concerns, it's awful clever!)

Amy said...

You makes me saaaaad! *Insert Llama face here.*