Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Today's prompt was nature, and we were allowed to interpret nature anyway we felt like. 

God fashioned all His living things
With natures to reflect His own:
Kingly lions, strong and brave,
Black bears with their gentle might,
Eagles that are wild and brave,
Butterflies formed of living light,
Banded bees, the honey-givers,
Solemn owls, ancient, wise,
Merry otters, born of rivers,
Patient lambs with mild eyes,
Peaceful dove and leaping hind,
Steadfast horses, oxen strong,
Foxes of the clever mind,
Blackbirds only made for song.
But Men, in His own Image made,
Who fell in Nature, tasting sin,
Reflect the God of Calvary
Who fell, and fell and rose again.          


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