Thursday, November 7, 2013

Middle Earth Challenge, Day 7

Favourite Weapon

Sting ~ Mostly for sentimental reason. I have always wanted to own  a sword like Sting, from the very first time I read The Hobbit. And not one of those replica swords - however high-end they might be. I wanted, and, indeed still want, the real thing - A sword, a blade, made in Goldolin for the Goblin wars; a genuine Elvish blade, that glows blue when orcs are near. Not that I knew a thing about Gondolin or the Goblin wars when I first read The Hobbit. I have read The Silmarillion since then, so I appreciate that reference hugely now. Nor do I really expect that I shall ever need such a sword. I have no intention of going about, battling goblins and orcs, or, God help us, giant spiders. It would be nice, though, to know that, in the unlikely event that one is confronted by such terror, one has a blade from Gondolin.

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