Saturday, November 16, 2013

Middle Earth Challenge, Day 16

Best Antagonist
Melkor, know to the Elves as Morgoth, is the Great Enemy of all Tolkien's books. He was created as the greatest of the Ainur, the mightiest and most knowledgeable. But he was proud, and whilst Eru's song of Creation was still being sung, Melkor introduced discord into it, in an attempt to mar that creation. In His goodness and power, Eru formed good out of evil, and the work of His hands was greater than before.


For a time, a time, Melkor was able to deceive the Ainur as to his true nature, but at last he was cast out of heaven by Tulkas the Warrior, and began his unceasing war against the children of God. His servant, Ungoliant, the great Spider, of whom Shelob is but a lesser shadow, poisoned Telperion and Laurelin, the gold and silver trees, whose greater and lesser lights were precursors of our Sun and Moon. He fought against the Elves, and those he captured, he poisoned, and tortured and twisted until they became orcs. He sent dragons and balrogs into the world, and played with the lives of good men, until they were broken. Sauron, for all his might and terror, is but a servant of Melkor, and so, for best antagonist, Melkor it is.

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