Saturday, November 30, 2013

Middle Earth Challenge, Day 30

Best Lord of the Rings Picture Ever
First off, I have to thank Melody and Kiri for hosting the 30 Middle Earth Challenge. I have enjoyed it ridiculously much, and can hardly believe that it is over. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to over-indulge in Tolkien this way, to revisit Middle Earth, and to really think about the stories. I am now very much in the mood for epics, written in spare, poetic language, with plenty of battles, and beauty. 

And now, the final challenge. The best Lord of the Rings picture.... Well, honestly, I sort of give up. I am going to be totally nerdy and post my favourite Tolkien picture. This one here, by Donato Giancola:

J R R Tolkien, by Donato Giancola
This is a really, really great picture - just look at it. Tolkien is sitting before a round, hobbit-hole window, with his pipe close to hand. If you look closely at that picture on his desk, you will see that he is painting Barrels out of Bondage - the cover illustration for The Hobbit and behind it, the design for Moria door:

That chair at his desk, it is embroidered with the Tree of Gondor - according to the artist, a gift to Bag End from King Elessar:

The tea cups on the table behind him, bear the devices of Beren (on the right) and Luthien (the left):

There is a copy of Beowulf on the shelf to the left of the window. Beowulf had a great influence on Tolkien - readers of The Hobbit will find Beowulf's dragon to be very familiar:

And lastly, on the shelves to the right, you will observe a copy of The Hobbit in its original green slip cover, and a three volume set of The Lord of the Rings:

All pictures are taken from The Land of Shadow and you should definitely click on the link, and read about the inspiration for the painting. 


Amy said...

Well, you did it! The whole 30 days without missing a beat! Go you. I'm glad you had fun with it, and I had a blast reading all your posts.
Don't be a stranger to your blog now, k? KEEP POSTING! :)

Bella Rose said...

I have LOVED your Tolkien Challenge it was soooo much fun to read! It was nice having you so active, don't go disappearing now.

Erm.... I can't see most of the pictures, just thought you should know

Jack said...

That is amazing!! I love the detail and colours and how lovely it all is together!

Cheers for making it through the challenge! I am disappointed I missed half your posts and when I am on my CHristmas break I shall have to go back and read the ones I missed as I had fun reading the ones I was able to make time for.

ANd in answer to your comment, Coulson is the best. I love everything about him, even more than when I first met him. It is so much fun getting him for a whole TV series and not having to share him in a movie.
I wasn't too worried about Tahiti until one I watched last night. (I don't know which you're on so I won't give spoilers) But it is second to the newest one. And something happened in it and I've decided Tahiti is distubning and I am worried what they did to him there. Because anything that did...what happened to him in that him can not be a good place.
I adore FitzSimmmons. More and more, every episode I see if them, I grow to love them even more. Which kind of worries me as the director is known for killing well loved characters and if any die I've a bad feeling it would be those two since they are not the main main ones like Skye and Ward. I am hoping he is going to be nice to us though, since there aren't many characters and all of them are like a little family and would be lost without the other.