Monday, November 11, 2013

Middle Earth Challenge, Day 11

Favourite Battle

Before I actually get into this post, I am just going to say that I think it is really, really cool that this subject just happened to land on Veteran's Day. I am also going to mention, in passing, how cool it was, while I was standing on the sidelines, in my kilt, holding my pipes, waiting for the little ceremony at the VFW to get underway, so that I could play Amazing Grace, that there was a big, beautiful eagle, circling all bright and golden against the pale, blue autumn sky.

So there.... Favourite battle. This bit here:

I love the horn of Helm Hammerhand. I love the battle cry, "forth Eorlingas!" and the way Thoeden's men ride out like that, mighty and heroic, reaping as they go, so that the orcs fall like wheat. I love the sudden light in the East, and Gandalf, as white as hope, against it in the mountaintop. I love Eomer's face when he sees what has happened, and calls the riders to himself. And I love beyond words, the gleaming charge of them, as the come crashing down that mountain, like a huge tidal-wave of light, that sweeps the thicket of orcs away like driftwood. It is just one battle in a huge and hopeless looking war, but the victory that comes with it is so sweet - the first taste of spring, after an iron-hard winter. It is another one of those scenes that I get teary-eyed over, for the beauty of it.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Middle Earth Challenge, click here.


Bella Rose said...

I didn't watch the clip because I'm a good girl and don't want to spoil my joy when I finally watch Lord of the Rings again. But it is one of my favorite battles too! I would have done this challenge too but you began RIGHT AFTER the song challenge. And I wasn't ready for 30 more days of posting. :-/

Jack said...

I got behind reading, even though I planned not to, so I skimmed to get caught up. And I pretty much agree with all of them. I loved the dress you picked - and I hadn't ever noticed the sleeves on her other one till you mentioned it. I like those sleeves. A lot.

The Hobbits outfits when they come back to the Shire, I love those ones so much. If I was any good with the sewing machine I'd even attempt to make myself one. Frodo's. I like his the best.

I really want to rewatch the movies now. And the extended Hobbit. Have you seen that one yet? I think it has the full version of the dwarves Misty Mountain song.