Sunday, November 10, 2013

Middle Earth Challenge, Day 10

Most Epic Armour

Och! These posts about favourite costumes are really hard for me, since I am crazy about most the costumes on The Lord of the Rings. I suddenly realised, as I was looking for something to wear this morning, just how many blue and grey, and brown and green, and black and burgundy clothing combinations I have in my closet. I know that I do have a couple outfits that I consider LotR inspired - not that anyone else is likely to pick up on that - but I hadn't realised just how much the colour schemes had figured into my wardrobe!

Armour, I am sorry to say, is no easier for me to narrow down than clothing is. I love the diversity of armour in the films, from simple leather and chain-maille, to the sophisticated plate armour of Gondor. I love the way the armies of Men and Elves and All Free Peoples, glitter and gleam in the light, especially during those epic battle scenes against the armies of Sauron. I love he way the heraldry plays into the design of the armour, that each race has a definite style of armour. Armour, is very, very cool!

Anyway.... yes, a favourite.  I quite nearly put down that Pippin's Guard of the Citadel armour was my favourite:

There is no denying that this on one of my favourite costumes in the Trilogy, however, it isn't a particularly shining example (pun intended) of armour per se. So, if I am restricting myself to just the armour, I think I shall have to go with the Elvish armour, both the blue/green and gold, of the armies of Gil Galad that we see during the Last Allience, in the opening scenes of The Fellowship of the Ring; and also the red and gold armour of the Elves from Rivendell and Lothlorian, during the battle of Helm's Deep:

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