Thursday, January 3, 2013

That, my dear readers, is the first line of the Happy Birthday Song, translated into one of Tolkien's elvish languages - Quenya, to be exact - and written in Tengwar. Today is J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday.

And that is a nifty card, which I just whipped out, containing all the lyrics to the Happy Birthday Song, as the High Elves would sing it, supposing, of course, that High Elves indulge in such things. (I didn't translate it myself, I am sorry to say. I have not worked at my Tolkien languages in a while. I got it from this site here.)

I have not quite decided what I shall do to celebrate such an auspicious occasion. Hopefully, it will involve mushrooms as part of dinner. Perhaps tomatoes, sausages and nice, crispy bacon too. If my memory has not utterly foresaken me (and, alas, that is always a strong possibility) I do believe there might be such a thing as a bottle of Irish lager lurking in the refridgerator. And, of course, I will have to read something by the good man. I am thinking one of his short stories. I have not indulged in Farmer Giles of Ham in quite a while, nor Smith of Wootton Major either, for that matter.

*Marqueture is the Elvish translation of the name, Ronald, which is the name by which the good Professor was most commanly known during is life time.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy BIRTHday dear Tolkien! Happy Birthday to yoooouuuu!!!!

Be sure to celebrate well

God Bless

Amy said...

Celebrate..hmm, let's see. "Potatoes, sausage, and nice crispy bacon!" But please, no ash in that. *grin.*

I love that part with the hobbits, even though it always makes me a little sad.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tolkin!

Jack said...

I would love to hear the elves sing happy birthday, and the dwarves. I could listen to it all day in that case.

Hello, fellow Trekkie 8-D

Aye, new books coming out have very little good in them. It is hard to find something worth reading in all these new works. Which is sad.

Jack said...

I plan to read more of Miss Jones' books, I like her writing style - didn't think I would at first. I don't think I will be able to read more of the series with Howl though, not for a bit. Were I to attempt it I would start whining because he's barely in them (As I've been told.) So I plan to start a new series by her *Grin*

Katrina DeLallo said...

Did you have tomatoes, sausage, and nice crispy bacon? That would have been epicly applicable.

Jack said...

You've a Morse Code Key? Like, one of those old key pads? I saw one once, ages ago, and have been wishing to examine one more closely at my leisure. Morse Code has always interested me. I think it is all the stories behind it.

Between the two of us we could open a museum.