Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Remember, Man, That Thou Art Dust

Prepare yourself...Lent is coming

Indeed, it is here. And not matter how late in the year it comes - this year it is very late - Lent seems to come much sooner than I want it too. The Spirit might be willing, but the Flesh is very weak, and it quails at the thought of straightened rations, early rising, curtailment of the weekly meat allowance, and general penitence. One feels peckish and deprived:

On the other, now that the seasons have completed their rounds, and the Season of Penance draws is here again, I definitely feel as though I've a year's worth of failings and imperfections to atone for. I have let myself get rather slack, and there is a hit-and-miss quality towards my duties towards God and Man. I have gotten sloppy. So truly, I am quite ready for a good stiff bit of training, and strengthening up:




(One does not want to remain a Kili sort of fighter forever ;-)

Besides, there is something rather beautiful about Lent - a sense that one is following in the footsteps of Our Lord; taking the cross up voluntarily; walking beside Him along the road to Calvary. It is heartening, and purifying and good.

Lenten Practices: Make your Lent a profitable forty-day period of prayer, penance, and spiritual exercises in preparation for the proper celebration of Easter.

So, once more into the breach! Here's hoping that I make it a good Lent. A very holy and blessed season to you all.


Katrina DeLallo said...

Sanks. Same to you and twice on Thursday.

Should I take swordfighting again, I'd endeavour to look more like Lee Pace (is that how you spell his name?)

Right now, I'm thinking archery is the sport I want to take up next. Me likey the idea of archery. Bows and arrows and leather braces, what, what, what?

Mahri said...

Aye, Lee Pace has beautiful form doesn't he? Just looking at him swing that sword about makes me want to start practicing again.

I'm wanting to do archery too. We can be Sisters in Arms :-)

Treskie said...

Zees post. I like. Most the posts people did on Lent this year were really annoying and all, "LET'S BE HOLYYYY." and I'm like, "yes. But don't shove your holiness at my face. KAY?"

So yes. I like this.