Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Breakfast At Denny's

AKA: The "I Do What I Want" Post

There was one day last month when all of the "big kids" around here shared the same day off. This is a great rarity these days, and we celebrated by going out to breakfast at Denny's.

Now, we are not really much of a going-out-to-eat family. We like our own cooking very well, and generally prefer to eat that. However, breakfast at Denny's is something of a thing with us; a long-standing thing from back in the the days when we were all young and mostly broke, and the friends who came to visit us were in similar financial straits. Breakfast at Denny's was an economical way to get out for a bit, and it turned into something of a tradition. Sometimes, when several of us had guests to visit at the same time, we'd end up going in with quite a crowd, and take the place by storm. We didn't just have our own booth. We had our own wing.

We also like to play with some of the kiddie entertainment that Denny's occasionally provides. On one notable occasion, several small people were included in the excursion, and were presented with a plastic tub full of Tinker Toy like doodads, which we all pounced upon like budding engineers. In short order, the table was covered with fantastical structures, and the waiter, much amused by us, had brought forth two more tubs to feed our passion for architecture. 

It is probably just as well that at last month's jaunt to the old restaurant, that we had nothing with which to entertain ourselves, but our own brilliant conversation, and a maze on the back of the kiddie-menu place mat at each place. A suggestion was cast out, that we should hold a race, and see who could complete her (or in my brother's case, his) maze the fastest.... I don't remember if there actually was a winner. We all dashed through the challenge quite nippily, and compared the results. Here is what I produced:

And all thought of a winner was forgotten amid gales of appreciative laughter. Treski snapped this picture, and entitled it, "I Do What I Want".

Now, I must point out that I was not trying to pull a Loki here. For some reason, I genuinely thought I was supposed to use the white lines to get to the FINISH in the center of the maze. Yes, I know, the actual paths through the maze are far bigger and more obviously THE MAZE than the skinny little white lines, so it should should have been blindingly obvious to the meanest of intelligences, how, exactly, one was to proceed in this endevour, but... well, that is me for you. Doing things the hard way again, what? Oh, yes indeedy!

 I do what I want!

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Amy said...

*Snicker-snort* That was the funniest thing! You are adorable. :)
I rather fancy the people at Denny's are amused by us. I wonder if we have a reputation yet...?