Monday, February 10, 2014

In Which I Emerge from the Cave

Yes, it has been a long time. No, I really do not have a good excuse:

I know

And that about sums it up. I was sort of hoping that if I ignored them, the dragons would go away, so I pulled up the drawbridge, barricaded myself in my house. I feasted upon small feasts, and had honey whiskey to stand me in the place of mead - and if the whiskey soothed a soreness of the throat, so much the better. Various portal, magic or otherwise, allowed me visitors, who could come and go without attracting attention. And so, some of my time was spent in the company of Agents Fitz, Simmons and Coulson. I would occasionally entertain 5 Allied POWs who slipped away from WWII at Stalag 13 through the very clever tunnel-system they have devised. A high-functioning sociopathic detective made an appearance, as did an Army doctor, who knows how to sprain people, and his very companionable wife, who knows how to shoot people. Sometimes there was an FBI agent named Peter, and con-man who calls himself Neil. I also might have been visited by King Arthur and Sir Gawain, as well as a firebird, an enchanted prince whose heart was given to a witch, and the Princess who got it back for him. Hobbits might possibly have crept in, too.

At last, I thought the dragons were gone, and I emerged into a world that seemed too sunny to be safe. The dragons were merely bidding their time, and I have had to chase them away with swords and un-answerable riddles, and the threat of a clan of female warriors, who will sing the Cup Song to them for hours on end, until they (the dragons) go mad and die. That scared them, and they went away, and the rain came, and the snow came, and I went home again, basking in the satisfaction of a Job Well Done. 

In short, there has been Life and Work and Disease, and I have been watching too many TV shows, and reading too many books, and ignoring Ye Olde Blogosphere most reprehensibly. I ought, at this point, to make professions of renewed dedication, but I am not. I am going to put a chicken-and-mushroom pie in the oven. And see if I cannot find Alan Breck Stewart to come share it with me. 


Jack said...

Oh, all of your company must have come and visited me after you because I've had the same comings and goings here. Just last night I had a nice time with Prince Author, Merlin, and their new friend who left too soon, Gawain. I can see why his company is always desired.

I like your cure for banishing Dragons. I tend to try and fight them even when I don't wish to and it goes badly.

Alan Breck Stewart! I feel bad now. I've been promising him a visit for years but I keep forgetting, now I've been reminded. Maybe I will have time next week or there abouts.

Jack said...

*Sneaks some cookies in through your gate.* It helps while hiding from Dragons.

Jack said...

I've gone and shouted it to everyone, so now it is your turn. ONLY A MONTH!!!!

Katrina DeLallo said...

I sometimes feel like the best companions are those that leave when you want them to, and the best conversations are the ones in your head.

How was your mushroom and... I forget what else went into your supper. I trust it was delicious.


Mahri said...

Jack ~ oooo! Cookies! (cackles joyfully!)

Kat ~ Aye. Real life is sometimes a little *too* real, and bothersome. It is nice to take a break from it :-)

The chicken-and-mushroom pie was nice. It had a thin, buttery crust, and instead of a top crust, I sprinkled a bit of cheese and toasted oatmeal on top, and it was good.