Monday, March 10, 2014

International Bagpipe Day

Yep. That is today. It has taken place the last several years, but I am never quite sure what it is, because googling "International Bagpipe Day" generally brings up websites concerning events from previous years - nice, if you are in the know, and were at one such celebration, but somewhat frustrating for those of us who genuinely curious about the thing. But, I am a piper, and I should not let such a celebration go by without some sort of mention, now, should I? So here you go - pipers..... being pipers....I have mentioned before that pipers are an odd lot of people, haven't I? 

There is, of course, the Unipiper. I'm willing to bet you've never been confronted with something like this when you are taking a casual stroll, now have you?

There is this piper, whose dog sings along with him. (Dogs do that. Sam-the-Dog makes and incredibly deep solemn ooooooooooooooo when I play. He sounds mournful, but his tail wags the whole time, so I have no idea if he is happy about it or not.)

And then, there is the piper who gives lie to the accepted belief that one cannot play bagpipes and sing at the same time:

(For the first minute he is just using the drones to accompany his singing. You can listen to that if you want, but if you skip about a minute into it, he plays and sings.)

Here is something a little different - a tune called Corryvreckan by William Jackson. It is the first tune I can ever remember hearing that integrated pipes into a band this way. I was quite obsessed with it for a while, and I still think it is a braw fine tune:


Katrina DeLallo said...

K, the Unipiper one cracks me up. Every time I watch it, it leaves me in hysterics. Who does that? WHO DOES THAT?! What sort of weirdy is he?

The answer here being, a very weird weirdy indeedy.

Bella Rose said...

Happy late bagpipes Day! See this is why I like your blog. Happy Valentines Day? Nope. Hear Diseases. March 11th? Nope. Bagpipe day. Always interesting. and funny. I cracked up while reading this. "Dogs do that OOOOOOOOOOO" Mahri.... lol :D

Bella Rose said...

I tagged you!!