Monday, February 11, 2013

In Which I Discover that I Have Been Watching Too Much Dr. Who

Several days ago, I discovered something rather alarming on the brown rug lying before the sofa in my house, something that looks like this:

Pardon the quality. The lighting was not very lightsome.
 ... Something which looks suspiciously like that sinister crack in little Amy Pond's room... like a Crack in Time! So far, no voices can be heard emanating from the light. I have not had visits from strange men with strange dogs. It does not follow me around, nor does it seem that anything has been swallowed up into it - though, of course, it is hard to be absolutely certain about that last point. It goes away when I turn off the standing Tiffany lamp, which leads me to believe it may possibly be only the echo of the filament within the light bulb. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry. I make a point of avoiding that curious light.


Jack said...

Make sure Rory doesn't come calling.
That is disturbing. If you vanish I shall come looking for you - unless you are erased from time. Then...if I remember I shall.

Katrina DeLallo said...

Oh dear. That crack. How can it be there?!

I haz given you a bloggy award thing, if you'd like to have it. :)

Jack said...

I've kind of seen what you meant about Shawn and Gus growing up a bit more during the show. I've been noticing that whenever Shawn gets a case when he is trying to solve it it no longer seems like he is doing so for the attention but because he wants to stop the bad guys. And he has a lot of worried moments when it is murderers, though he is good at not panicking. (That part of his character reminds me of Sherlock. Very aloof, but the moment a lady was hurt Sherlock was ready to strangle the fellow who did it.)

I am still so impressed with Jules. She is a little bolder now then in the first ones I watched, but she is still sweet and lady like - and as you said, not annoyingly brave where she thinks she has to be one of the guys. And she has a childish side which she keeps hidden (like when she and Lassie were trying to outdo each other.) The writers need some kind of award for creating such a brilliant girl character.

Oh yes, I agree. I didn't like Shawn's dad at all at first, but he is one of my favourites now. He is well done and I love it when Shawn does his psychic thing when his dad is around and he just stands in the background rolling his eyes.

Aye! I think Downton Abbey might be easier to watch if it wasn't this huge, long series...all about drama. I have tried shorter dramas before, and by the end of them I was wanting to bang my head on the wall. I don't think I could get through it three? series of it. And it is BBC, I've heard they kill off a lot of the characters in the show - no surprise there.

Good point, if anyone can fix cracks it is Rory and Amy and the Doctor. And I am certain they would love to save you for tea and chocolate - I can imagine Amy and the Doctor especially loving the chocolate.

If you disappear I shall mount a full scale investigation. Crack or no crack!

Amy said...

Creepy, creepy crack...*Shudder*

Bella Rose said...

Well you wouldn't remember anyway. If something is erased from time you forget.... :-O WHAT HAVE YOU LOST THAT WE HAVE ALL FORGOTTEN?