Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Which I Am Myself

About a week ago, the lovely Cat, over at The World Crafter, tagged me with a gorgeous blog award, which she created herself. May I present The World of Dreamers Award:

Yes, she drew it herself. Cat is like that.

I had hoped to be able to do one more post before I did another tag, just to break things up a bit more, you know. But alack and alas, the Muse has utterly forsaken me. I cannot compose poetry, though I have several good ideas rattling around in the back of my mind begging me to catch them. I cannot doodle, much less paint or draw. I can think of nothing interesting to blog about. But, oh well. That is life after all, so playing tag it is!

The rules for this tag (Thank you Cat!) are wonderfully simple. I merely have to answer the six question she poses for me, and give you four totally random facts about myself. Here we go:

1.) What sort of a book would you describe yourself to be? (i.e., are you a fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian, etc?

Um... A book full of dialogue and idiom, written by a quirky British author, with all the depth of a really well written history, all the awe and wonder of really well written high fantasy, all the adventure of a good old-fashioned mystery, all the humour of a P. G. Wodehouse book, and possibly a touch of the best cookbook in the world thrown in for good measure... oh, wait, that is The Little Book I Never Wrote (but really want to :-).

2.) What would be likelier to do? Order a coffee with a British accent, or pretend to be deaf when someone talks to you?

I'm afraid I'd order coffee with British accent - probably Scottish - and not ever realise that I had done so. I have a bit of an accent at the best of times, and it thickens ups when I have watched anything with British actors in it, or when I am being my most sincere and polite. Or if I am just plain tired. I do not do it on purpose, but I'll admit that I do enjoy the look of utter confusion on inquisitive peoples' faces, when they ask "Where are you from?" And I respond, "California" with a straight face.

3.) A total stranger comes up to you. Do you (a.) react instantly and punch him in the face before he has a chance to introduce himself? (b.) step back and wait to see if he is hostile before punching? or (c.) go all coward and run away, screaming like a banshee?

Definitely (b.) tempting as the other two options are. However, let this be a word of warning: if I do not know you, and you get too close to me, be aware that I am sizing you up, and subtly moving myself into position so that I may punch you solidly on the nose if I feel threatened. Furthermore, bear in mind that I have a sharp letter-opener handy at all times, and I know how to use it.

4.) Would you prefer to be sick with the stomach 'flu or a shockingly bad case of strep throat?

I have had both, and I can say, with hand on heart, that I'd rather have strep. Sure, you can't swallow anything without excruciating pain, but there is dignity in laying still and suffering pain. There is no dignity in the 'flu. (Yes, I do have dignity.)

5.) If YOU could be a superhero, what type would you like to be?

I am probably the one person in the world that doesn't want to be a superhero. I tend to consider it a responsibility, and I take responsibility seriously. If I were pleasing just myself, I'd want to be able to do everything Jack Frost does in the movie, Rise of the Guardians, including being invisible. But that would merely be me, with powers. That would not make me a superhero. If I were to accept that responsibility, I'd retain the ability to remain unseen if I wish, and turn rather into a Ranger, with incredible speed and skill with sword, dirk, bow and slingshot. And possibly, a genuine WWII Spitfire in perfect condition, so that I can get about quicker. Oh, yes, and a hidden lair, stocked with comestibles, beverages, both strong and comforting, and, of course, books. No you may not come home with me. I saved your life, now you are on your own.

6.) Someone yells "Obey!" What's the first thing you think of?

I suppose the default answer to that is those annoying Daleks. However, if someone were to yell, "Obey!" at me, my first reaction would be a most emphatic, "NO". I do not take orders well. "If thee asks, or thee suggests, I am like putty in thy hands. But when thee demands, thee is barking up the wrong tree!"*

So now, on to four extremely random facts about myself:

1.) In spite of the fact that I know perfectly well how to pronounce the word "Muse", in congenial company, I say "moose" instead, thanks to an old episode of Fibber McGee and Molly. (Fibber, for those interested, was attempting to write, and he informed his wife that he had been "visited by the Moose." She suggested, "Don't you mean Muse, dearie?" To which he responded, "No, moose. M-U-S-E: moose!" And moose it is to me, to this very day.)

Picture courtesy of Cat. I told you she was like that, didn't I?

2.) I am probably the only young lady in the world, who still regularly gets toy soldiers for Christmas. And I am so delighted to get them.

3.) I have extremely diverse and unusual taste in music, and will listen to anything from Byzantine Chant, to Mumford and Sons. One of the strangest titles in my collection of CDs, is this:

Edda - An Icelandic Saga - Myths From Medieval Iceland / Sequentia

It combines recitation, and chanting, and fiddle accompaniment, in an attempt to re-create the way the ancient storytellers would have recited the Myths. My favourite track? The bit that lists dwarf names off, including Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Ori, Nori, Fili, Kili, Thorin aaaannnnnddddd..... Gandalf! So, know you know where Tolkien got those names from. You may now impress your fellow nerds with this information. And just in case any one wants to hear it, just listen carefully to the first minute and a half of this clip:

4.) I dislike hot dogs intensely, and I am not ashamed to say it. Who invented those nasty things? For that matter, who thought corn dogs were an improvement? Give me tomatoes and sausages any time.


Katrina DeLallo said...

Sausages, yes. Tomatoes, not so much.

Heavens, where did that Muse come from? I was positive I had the only copy...

Bella Rose said...

wasn't this a fun award? I love your answers so much. I don't like Hot Dogs much either. They leave me feeling ood, queezy and really thirsty.

That song is cool :)

Amy said...

Soldier toys are cool!
Your description or you as a superhero made me laugh.I'm not sure why, but it did. :D
And reading what you wold do to a threatening stranger was also amusing. I just get a picture of you sockin' someone in the nose and smirk. Sort of like, "Eh, I taught her that." Sort of.

Love your post, Marhi! They're always so fun.

Jack said...

You can speak in a British accent without thinking. Now you have my envy. Also I change my superhero answer to yours. I like the Jack Frost idea.

And getting toy soldiers is very cool.
Hot dogs are nasty! Finally, someone who agrees.

Carrying a letter opener is a good idea. I have two knives and a Scottish dirk...okay, so it is actually a letter opener designed as a Scottish dirk, but I am certain they make good weapons. And who would expect a letter opener?

Mahri said...

Kat ~ I was going to add "nice, crispy bacon", but whilst that is fun to say, in all honesty, tomatoes and sausages would do me fine.

The Muse was hanging around some old files. He is such a charming Muse-ful Moose, that I had to show him off for you.

Bella ~ Aye, it was a lovely award. I'm glad you liked the song. I knew that Tolkien had gotten the dwarf names from the Edda long before I bought that, and then, when those names started rolling off, I was so excited, I listen to just that part over and over.

Amy ~ I think toy soldiers are cool too, which explains why I have so many lurking about amongst more traditionally feminine decour. I'm glad you enjoy the posts! Thanks for the compliment.

Jack ~ I shall be honest. The letter opener became my weapon of choice a couple months back, after I was subjected to a training video at work - on that featured a lunatic in black, who shot up and office for no reason. It encouraged us to consider what office items we had that could be used in self defense, and I got quite enthusiastic about the more practical uses of a letter opener :-)