Thursday, December 13, 2012

It Was A Hobbit-Hole, And That Means Comfort

Hip, hip hurray! The Hobbit comes out tomorrow! I am in the middle of re-reading the book before going to see the movie. It is such a delightful book. I always forget how funny Tolkien can be.

So I totally want to own a house just like this one here:


Granted, my own wee cabin is only about as big as this one, and it is quite cosy and rather Hobbit-like. It is panelled with honey-coloured knotty-pine, and filled with books, pictures and mathoms in true Hobbit fashion. However, the doors and windows are earnestly rectangular and the exteriour is Log Cabin In the Clearing style, and not Hobbiton. It is sufficient as a Hobbit dwelling, but it is not this house!

A few more pictures of the Hobbit House can be found here.


Jack said...

Your house sounds so very snug!
I too would love a Hobbit house though. With round windows and doors and packed with delightful clutter.

I too forgot how funny Tolkien could be! The Hobbit is such a fun book!

Treskie said...

I really want that house.


the end

Amy said...

Me wants that house. So much. :D

Katrina DeLallo said...

I love love love Tolkien. I love love love Hobbit holes. I love love love Christmas. (Just thought I'd throw that last one out there. ;)

Merry Merry Christmas and GO WATCH THE HOBBIT! Or something quite rousing like that.

Little Lady said...

I want a Hobbit Hole!!!!! Amazing. the movie was EPIC, was it not???