Saturday, December 22, 2012

Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold....

I have had the Misty Mountains song from The Hobbit running through my head for days now. I've lost count of the number of times I've listened to Thorin and Company singing it. I cannot seem to get enough if it. My only complaint is that it is not long enough. Two verses is not enough of such splendid music. It should be longer. Much longer. Ideal, I would love to hear Thorin and Company do all 27 seven verses of it.

This is not quite that, but it is the best cover of the song I've come across. And the video that goes with it tells a story too. One can almost imagine Thorin sitting and thinking, and singing like just like that, when he decided to retake Erebor from Smaug.

PS. I have just noticed that this is my  eleventy-first post! You may all may all now cheer me in proper hobbit fashion.


Katrina DeLallo said...

*raises tankard* Happy Birthday!

I dunno, that was the only cheer I could remember from The Fellowship. :)

Jack said...

*Cheers like a proper Hobbit by banging cups on the table.* Not bad, considering I'm a Ranger, not a Hobbit.

I KNOW, RIGHT?! Two verses of such wonderful singing is NOT enough. Twenty seven wouldn't have been enough but would have been MUCH better. And Dwarves, they are wonderful singers. I think I like them as singers more then Elves. And I would love to visit their cave.

That is a pity you didn't have a midnight showing, you deserved it after the party.

There needs to be more Hobbits like Martin Freeman.
I was delighted when I learned that Armitage would be Thorin. Only because I liked him as Thornton. I didn't think he'd look much like himself as a Dwarf...but he did - which was cool. But even if he didn't, I think he makes a grand Dwarf. He did a great job...all the actors did. I was very impressed.

Treskie said...

yeah, okay. I loved that cover. That was brilliant. :D

Did you like less than half of the posts half as well as they deserve?

Amy said...

"HAPPY BRITHDAY..." Er, wait. Cheers to your eleventy first post! There. That's it. *Grin.* Perhaps we should break out the Gaffers old brew?

That cover really was fantastic. I was muchly moved by it. Whoever wrote that bit of music deserves a pat on the back for his genius. What a lovely thing to let out to the world. :D

Anonymous said...

*presses Download Button*

THAT WAS EPIC! The dwarfs do it well too, but It could have been longer.

MORE MARTIN FREEMAN IN THE HOBBIT! there was actually a lot of him. He's such a scene stealer that whenever he's absent you think "Where is Martin Freeman?!"