Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is Coming

And coming quite quickly too. I am rather alarmed by its proximity, considering that I have bought exactly one gift so far. I intend to go out tomorrow and remedy the situation. However, since we are still, properly speaking, in the season of Advent, I am posting a carol suitable for this time of the year.

That is my sisters and I there. Last year, I mentioned a recording that we made for my dad for Christmas, and this song is from that same time. There is an English version of this called O Come, O Come Emmanuel, but we are singing the Latin version of it.


Jack said...

Very pretty!! You all have lovely voices!!

At least you've begun to shoppe. I've not even thought of it yet...

Molly said...

That is extraordinarily beautiful! Not only a beautiful tune, but a smashin' arrangement! Might I have the audacity to enquire who's singing the descant on the second verse? It gives me chills. (Good chills, mind!)

Anonymous said...

Christmas is coming "Go to ALL The stores!!!!!" :D

Ooooh you put yourself singing! And you sound lovely, lovely indeed. See was that so hard?

God Bless

Mahri said...

Aw, thanks, Jack. It did turn out rather better than we expected.

Molly ~ that is Katrina doing the descant. It's been a while, but I am pretty sure it was Kat who did the arranging too. She's talented, that girl.

Bella ~ Yes... rubs tired feet ruefully. I think I did go to ALL the stores. Was that so hard? Yes. Did you not click on the words 'Last year' and read about how that was recorded? You must! :-)

Jack said...

I am glad you liked the other trailer. The quality didn't turn out as nicely as I would have liked, mostly because I uploaded it right from my computer.
And, as evil as I sound, I am rather glad you got sniffly over Lisbeth's Choice - means it accomplished what I wished it to I suppose. *Smirk*

HURRAY for getting all your shopping done! I am very excited to start mine, once I get lots of things to slow down, which will be end of this week. 8-D

Rose said...

Oooh, Chrimble! My favourite time of year, except Spring and Autumn and Summer.

Amy said...

My my. We sound rather better than I remember! *Grin*

That was a nice post, Marhi.