Wednesday, January 3, 2018

To The Professor!

This post is later than I meant because I was being a hobbit-- here meaning that I put food and drink, and doodling and comfort before blogging. 

And as it is the Professor's birthday, it is well that it should be so.... So, without further ado: To the Professor!

I sort of wanted to do another old carol for today, in honour of Tolkien as a Medievalist. However, it did occur to me that these posts have drawn heavily on those sorts of carols, and that it might be an idea to do something a bit more modern. Only I wasn't sure how to go about that, as I mostly hate modern Christmas music. (It being very little in the line of either Christmas nor music.) Poking around for a bit after dinner, I came across this rather lovely Spanish Christmas song. It fist the bill for modern, but there are some lovely, occasionally Tolkien-ish lyrics, and as an added bonus, one of the singers is Bryn Terfel, a Welsh baritone, with a delightfully dwarvish voice. 

This, of course, made me curious to see if there were any Welsh carols I could post. Tolkien, after all, was fond of Welsh, and it was one of the primary influences for his Sindarin language. Well, I did find one, an oddly ancient sounding one, also by Bryn Terfel, and I cannot find a translation of it. The only things I've been able to determine, is that the title means on Christmas morning. But I like it anyway, and so you are getting it as well.

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