Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is rather a big deal for me. That is partly because I am quite a traditionalist and a proper observance of Memorial Day is rich in solemnity and ceremony, which I find both beautiful and satisfying. It is partly because there is enough history associated with the day, to delight the amateur historian in me. It is partly because I consider myself something of a soldier as well - albeit, a Soldier of Christ, so I find a great deal of inspiration in a day dedicated to honouring courage and sacrifice. But it is mostly because my little band has played for the Memorial Day service here in town, for as long as we have been a band. We get ourselves all brawly kilted out, with shined-up brogues, and (since Memorial Day weekend tends to be the last hurrah of winter here) our green military sweaters. We look very sharp and fine, since my pipey is a former Marine and has definite views on how to conduct one's self at formal occasions like this. It is grand, and I love being a part of the ceremony. It is, hands-down, my favourite gig all year. 

Normally, I would post a video of a bugler playing Taps or The Last Post or something along those lines, to mark Memorial Day. But Mark Knopfler wrote a really great song called Piper to the End which seems very suitable, so I am post that instead.


Jack said...

I come from a family of soldiers, so Memorial Day is big in my family. I think it is getting overlooked too much these days, which is sad.

To answer your comment.

Your growing back into Narnia made me think of Lewis' note to his goddaughter, about reaching an age where she'd like fairy tales again. *Grin*

I think you would like Clara. If you liked 11 and the Ponds then I think you would. For some reason she seems to fit into their family, even though she never met them. Her and the Doctor's friendship is very sweet and fun.

And I agree about history books! There is so much they leave out, they make history sound so dull sometimes and it wasn't! I've always loved learning little known facts about history, it is always fun.

Amy said...

That video was so cool. *Nods* Very cool.
Aw, you should have posted a picture of you in your kilt. That would have been lovely!


Mahri said...

I'm glad you liked the video, Amy. It took a while to find a decent one. Most of them, for some reason, are full of the charms of nature. Very nice and all that, but not really suited to the song.

At some point, I shall post me in a kilt. I just forgot to email myself those pictures, and it got too late in the day to bother with it. So... there.