Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the Fourth Be With You

So, I shall be honest. I cannot rightly say that I particularly care about Star Wars. I enjoyed the first one well enough - as in, the very first Star Wars ever produced, not that dreadful prequel thing that is now the first in the series - but my reception to the rest of them was fairly tepid. However, thanks to a smarty co-worker, I discovered that today is Star Wars Day... or, to be more accurate, May the Fourth Be With You Day. Yes, you may all groan with dismay at the level of punning to which we have stooped. I do not intend to do anything particular to celebrate, but it seemed and excellent opportunity to post this clever video by The Piano Guys:


Amy said...

I think that was the very first piano guys video that I ever saw. I think it's awesome. :D

Oh and I awarded you.


Bella Rose said...

Piano guys are the best aren't they?

Katrina DeLallo said...

THAT is one of the best Piano Guy videos ever.

I'll be honest, I'm not wildly enthusiastic with Star Wars. I find them mediocre, and would rather watch Star Trek (Kirk series) over Star Wars. The ONLY thing I love about Star Wars is Han Solo. Seriously. Best character of them all.

Today is the Revenge of the Fifth, isn't it?

Molly said...

Thanks for that. It was only the very last moments of the workday when I realized it *was* that kind of May the Fourth (despite, mind, that I'd been writing it on holds all day long). Thanks to you, I could feel that I celebrated properly after all. I'd heard of that video, but it's the first time it chanced into my view. I *love* the bit with the accordion. (And I am sure you have heard the much-bandied question, "If 'May the Fourth be with you,' is the next day 'The Revenge of the Fifth'?" (Sorry.)

Mahri said...

Amy ~ I can't remember if this was the first Piano Guy video I saw or not, but it is brilliant. Thanks for the award. I shall claim it soon.

Bella Rose ~ They sure are. It is fun to watch them because they are so talented and obviously enjoying themselves hugely.

Kat ~ I agree, Star Trek is superiour. But Han Solo really is a good character.

I like the Code Name Vivaldi video the Piano Guys do. And their Lord of the Rings compilation is pretty impressive.

Molly ~ Oh, I'm glad you finally got a chance to see it, and I agree, the accordian bit is hilarious. As is the bit at the end of the video, "You will like this video. You will annoy your friends with this video..." If you get a chance, you should look at some of their others. They are more fun than they really have any right to be.

Yes, yes, today is Revenge of the Fifth, but I was eating shawarma and watching The Avengers, so I was not unduly bothered by Fifth Lords.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I'm a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek. The original SW trilogy is superior to the prequel trilogy, IMHO, although I do enjoy watching the prequels now and then. And Star Trek is just plain cool!

Mahri, I tagged you here:

Jack said...

Thanks to my brother, I've watched the old movies about a hundred times and have come to like the plot. The new ones? Not so much. And I have mixed feelings about the new, new ones they are making.