Friday, November 23, 2012

Who Knew?

For all you Whovians out there, today is a very special day for you:
I'm not sure how one is supposed to celebrate this; perhaps by eating fish sticks and custard, whilst wearing stripy scarves? Having a Dr. Who watching marathon? Purchasing a sonic screwdriver of one's very own? Anyway, happy Dr. Who Day!

(This post is dedicated to all of you - you know who you are - that insisted that I would love Dr. Who, and promptly showed me every single weak episode in season one!)


Treskie said...

Squeak! I must watch Doctor Who tonight.

Hee! It IS Good when it's good, you just always managed to come over the nights we watched a lame episode. :)

Jack said...

Fish Fingers and Custard here I come.

Mahri said...

Treskie ~ Och, I know, I know. The Empty Chid was very good indeed. Creepy. "Are you my mummy?" Eek!

Jack ~ well if you *do* try Fish Fingers and Custard, you must tell us all how it is. The idea of it is not appealing :-)

And now I go to Nano... write, write, write.... throws hands up in frustration...

Amy said...

*Snickersnort*...there are some weak ones, that's for sure! Dr. Who is an acquired taste.But when they pull themselves together for a GOOD episode, it really is a GOOD episode.

Anonymous said...

OH BOY! Doctor who!! We MUST some Ep's tonight. OH YES.

Thanks for acknowledging 'those strange Whovians' it means a lot :D

It is FANTASTIC and we only wished to prove this to you. We can't help it that you dropped by for dumb ones. "The Empty Child" was creep and GOOD. "Are you my mummy?" *Shiver* Wasn't that brilliant? Come on, You know it was :)

In honor of this day, a Random Quote; "What is that? RINGING? What am I suppose to do with a ringing phone?!" *Doctor 9 EMPTY CHILD

I'll NOT eat fish fingers and custard. Not even for the Doctor. But instead I may have Banana's and tea. Or maybe Chips. Chips work. And I'll work on my DW/Merlin Bag. EEP. Yes I'm making my own bag... I am THAT much of a Whovian. Thx for all you celebratory idea's. I may use some.


God Bless

Mahri said...

Yes, I *said* that the Empty Child was good. I really enjoyed those episodes. If you had had the foresight to show me that right off, I'd probably be as fanatically Whovian as you lot. I also liked Blink and... er... that one where they're on the moon, and that weird vampire lady goes about sucking people's blood. The straw was really corny, but the rest of it was good.

Oh, and the Doctor and I agree about ringign phones. Once I get home from work, I seldom answer mine :-)

Molly said...

There is a huge lot full of sand, gravel and various yard furnishings that I have to pass every time I go to rehearsal. The fence probably would have been impressive enough in its bare form, as it consists most noticeably of a horde of unusually tall brick pillars, but the proprieters took it considerably further, and have decorated the top of each pillar with a statue, most of 'em rather classical in style. Talk about not blinking!

Mahri said...

Eeek! Don't blink indeed! The garden statues are the ones that get me, standing there, all by their lonesome, for no reason whatsoever. It is rather disconcerting how disturbing that episode was.