Friday, November 9, 2012

Autumn Is Changeable

My Dear Followers,

I know that you are not robots. I had no idea that Blogger thought it likely that great numbers of robots would be interested in a blog like mine, nor that it had taken it upon itself to sniff out these nefarious beings, and stop them at the door. I have had a stern talk with Blogger about it, and one should now be able to comment without having to prove one's humanity.

To my unspeakable delight I woke up to a world that looked like this today:

I am one of those odd people who absolutely glories in stormy weather. While most people are doing their best not to complain, I go about beaming from ear to ear, tromping about in the rain - I seldom go for walks in warm weather - and generally acting as though I have won the lotto.

The rain stopped for a bit in the afternoon, when a fierce, cold wind began to blow. The sun occasional peeked out from the clouds, and the air was full of dancing, golden leaves. It looked very Tolkien-ish:

If one cannot have storms, then a dramatic setting works nearly as well for keeping one cheery. The fierce, cold wind eventually drove away the sun, and by the time I was ready to come home from work, the world looked like this instead - but with more pine trees:

If there is anything I enjoy more than a good rain storm, it is a good snow, so my cup of joy was nigh to overflowing. It is supposed to keep on like this for the next couple days, which makes me feel very pleased with life at present, even if I am behind on my would count for Nanowrimo. I topped 10,000 words on it, in a fit of inspired determination, but it still lags. (So if the old blog starts looking rather unattended, it will be because I am attempting higher forms of literary abandon.)


Katrina DeLallo said...

I am checking to see if Blogger is going to make me answer the Robot question....

Katrina DeLallo said...

Suh-WEEET! No illegible letters! No smudgy numbers! This is joyous news!

As for the blog and literary abandon, I completely understand. Sometimes it is nice to lose one's self in creativity and not worry about the rest of the world. Here's to NaNo!!!

Treskie said...

heheh, "A fit of inspired determination" cracked me up. :D

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I hate being thought of as a robot. Robots are dumb... they are too much like cybermen.

Oh yes *Grin* Wasn't it **Lovely** ?? I thouroughly enjoyed it :) I felt like I had stepped into a tolkien picture or an old, cozy painting. I rushed outside into the wind and cold and got the most FANTASTIC adrenalin rush of a life time! It makes you feel like runing or dancing... you want to make a boiling cup of tea, curl up in a blanket and read "THE HOBBIT" Speaking of which.. 5 DAYS LEFT!! EEP!!
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I love this amazing weather too!Currently we are having a delightful blizzard and the fore is cozy....It is always fun when the first snow storm hits, isn't it?? Thankyou thankyou for changing whatever you changed with the dratted blogger! :-) Miss ya Maria. Call Sometime. I am out of minutes!! ;-) Gina

Emily said...

Aha! The blurry numbers and letters have GONE! I found a post on how to remove that feature a few months ago and I was practically WEEPING with joy!

Jack said...

I am glad you are reassured we aren't robots. Those prove you aren't things make my dyslexia go haywire.

I too love stormy weather best. It is lovely to walk in or sit inside with tea and a book.

I should join you in putting aside time for NaNo. I'm behind as well.

What is your count now?

Aw, another who didn't like the Alder episode. My sister and I almost bawled during it we were so disappointed. I did like the fall though. It was well done. I enjoyed especially Sherlock and Watson running from the police and Watson punching the one police officer. I am, once again, eager for another series.