Monday, January 3, 2011


When I first started this blog, I had several goals for myself, which, I am ashamed to say, I have largely failed in fulfilling. The primary point was to force myself to write more often, both prose and poetry. The prose I have managed, with indifferent success; the poetry, not at all. I wanted to post regular book reviews, and have so far only managed one. I do the occasional bit of doodling, and was hoping to post some of those here, and not a one of them has appeared. Indeed, my attention to the blog has been desultory at best. In my defense I shall offer the fact that I have been afflicted with a massive case of writer's block, and cannot get over it, even with the blog hanging over my head to motivate me.

However, we are in a new year now, and in the time-honoured tradition, I am making resolutions to take my writing a little more seriously. I shall make more of an effort, and try not to hide behind my writers block as an excuse for not writing at all. Whether I shall be able to keep this resolution or not remains to be seen, but I have put it out into the public now, so hopefully pride, if nothing else, will compel me to greater efforts!


Cat said...

I has the faith in you. It'll be awesome. :-)

Mahri said...

Aw, thank you, you are always so encouraging!