Monday, January 31, 2011

Since We Were On the Subject Anyway

I was being rather facetious when I named my last post. It is true that I tend to be skeptical of innovation - at least, until it proves itself worth my time - but I must admit that I am heartily thankful for the technological advances that have made my life more comfortable, and my hobbies far easier to indulge in. It got me thinking, however, I realised that I have rather inadvertently collected a number of items that technology has rendered obsolete:

I actually do use most of these items too, some more often than others, of course. The blue fountain pen (and the black ink that goes with it) I use almost every day, the red ink and feather dip pen usually only for calligraphy projects. I have taken a number of fencing classes on and off for years, and got to be quite decent at it for a while. (I like fighting with two short swords best, but only own this one. Not to worry, it has a cap on the tip, which you cannot see in the picture. We want to 'kill' our opponents, not hurt them.) I use the sand-glass occasionally, when I want to get things done quickly. It has about 15 minutes worth of sand in it, and keeping an eye on the sand's level helps me to keep myself focused on the task at hand. I have used the Morse code key for practice. The recent obsession with WWII has rekindled my interest in Morse code. Back in the summer, I was seriously applying myself to learning it. What with one thing and another, I never quite got all the way through the alphabet, but intend to make up for that soon. The only object I cannot use at all is the slide rule. I picked that up recently, because I thought it ingenious. Unfortunately, I am not much good at math, nor do I have much call for advanced calculations in my daily life, so I have not yet seriously applied myself to learning it. I have discovered that there is a book on using the slide rule at the library, however, so one of these days, I shall add that skill to my list of rather odd accomplishments.


Amy said...

Cool! I love old things. :-) Isn't posting stuff like this fun? The Picture is everything!...not saying that your writing isn't good too! Way to go, Mahri.

Teresa said...

**Snickers** Oh...this is so amazing! Though you should have put your claymore in the picture too, that looks even cooler than the fencing sword.

Mahri said...

I'm glad you liked the picture, Amy. It was fun setting it up.

Now, Teresa, you've gone and made a liar out of me. I said I only had one sword, and now you've told everyone that I have hand-and-a-half sword as well. I was merely focusing on things that I actually use, or intend on using, and braw as that larger sword is, I cannot fight with it.... yet!

Teresa said...

Now, one would have noticed that you were a liar if you hadn't mentioned it. I LIKE the claymore BETTER! :)