Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Toast!

Today is Tolkien's Birthday. It is a festive day on this blog. We celebrate it by reading Tolkien books, listening to Tolkien music, watching Tolkien things - whether it be movies or lectures concerning the Professor is up to you - and, most importantly, filling one's cup with goodly drink, and toasting, "The Professor" at 9 pm precisely.

Today, however, I did something slightly different. I got bold. And, perhaps, a wee bit more nerdy that is usual, even for myself. Today, I joined The Tolkien Society. I get a card. I get subscriptions to Amon Hen and Mallorn magazines. I get a 15% discount if I want to take classes through the Mythgard Institute. I get the huge feeling of satisfaction that can only come to Tolkien fans, when they join and organisation that still counts him as its President. (Though the VP, his daughter, Priscilla, does most the work.)

Since I would dearly love for all of you to have something both Christmasy and Tolkien related so that all of you too, may celebrate the Author of the Century, I present this talk on The Father Christmas Letters. It is long(ish). But watch it anyway.

I hope you are all enjoying a splendid Christmas season, that the New Year has been good to you all thus far, and that you take a moment to wish J. R. R. Tolkien a happy birthday.


Katrina DeLallo said...

That is incredibly nerdy, but so cool! I love that you get to take lessons from Mythgard, should you choose to do so! Hurrah for being bold. :-)

Mahri said...

I canna help it. I am a nerd. A Tolkien nerd. A Tolkienist. I've just made it official, that's all!