Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

Did y'all know it's Tolkien Reading Day?!?! Personally, I think it should be a nationally recognized holiday. "Sorry, boss - it's Tolkien Reading Day - I'm staying home with a cup of tea, some Longbottom Leaf, and the Hobbit today." Lol :)

Yes, yes, I know it has been mighty quiet around here. And I know I sort of voiced an intention to reform my bad-blogger self and show a certain amount of commitment to the old hobbit hole on the ze internetz... I was careful not to promise reform, mind, as I know myself too well to be making promises I can't keep. I have been busy with all sorts of craftiness, ranging from Sharpie mugs to rosary-making, and I have pictures, and a day may come when I use those pictures to create an interesting post - but today is not that day!

This day, we fight! Wait, no we don't. What am I saying? It is Tolkien Reading Day, so reading is the order of the day.., and of course, a good Tolkienist like myself must make some sort of an appearance, right? I shall do you one better than that. I shall provide you with this link here of an extremely well-voiced gentleman reading aloud the first few chapters of Farmer Giles of Ham - which is quite delightful. I am at present getting my bit of Tolkien in by listening to it, whilst sipping a mug of home made chai tea. You all should take a few moments to listen to at least the first chapter as Farmer Giles is a most entertaining, contrary-hobbit of a man, and it is full of a Tolkien's curious sense of humour - a droll blend, tongue-in-cheek and dry, broad, yet erudite. It is great fun.

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